Monday, January 29, 2018

Dean is a Wonder

I let Dean play hooky from school because the oven needed a new bake ignitor.  He did all the work, although he needed me to lift off the oven door.  We took him back to school by lunchtime - I figured this was as valuable an education.  He uses a ratchet set way better than me!


I hadn't seen Anne in a lap in a while.  Laurel decided to decompress after the school performance with a good read.  This is Dean taking a break from snowmen.

Snowmen or Bust!

There was no snow in the yard.  Well, maybe a little from the week before. Dean was determined to create our family in snow.  He got every last bit of dirty snow, and finally made 5, although they have started to melt. He told me mine was the one with a face.  (Thank you!)  They've started to melt now, but I did get some pics while he was in progress.

Halloween 2017

The principal lines the walls of the entry at school with pics of the kids; can you spot Anne the Good Witch with her hands clasped and that adorable smile?

"Ewww, they are so smooth and slimy!"

That was Laurel's description after her braces were removed.

Mild Winter

Dean likes to play the Headless Horseman, even on a hiking trail, as long as his sister is guiding him!

Favorite Christmas Toys

The paternal Santa line insisted on K'nex. I was unconvinced.  Foolish me.  The kids LOVE them.  Santa brought the kind with a motor, so Dean built one windmill with the motor, and then built another windmill, put them together, and let the motorized windmill spin its brother. I was frankly impressed. I would never have thought of that!

Also mom, you were so right about doll house stuff - they prefer not to be limited to an edifice. As I write this, the girls are deep in play with it. I am so glad Laurel is still 10.  Don't grow up too fast!

Snow Shoes

After last year's winter, we were so stoked to buy snow shoes for the whole family.  But, it's been a miserably dry winter here. There was barely enough snow at Soldier Hollow for us. After about 10 minutes, Dean was frustrated. "Moooom, this is boring. It's just walking!!"  I could tell he was coveting the cross-country skiers gear!  Maybe next time!


I had a silent squeal when Laurel told me her magazine file had broken.  You should have seen the speed with which I dispatched myself to Target to find something truly pretty. Well Mom, I had to have it. It was an outrageous price, but she LOVED it.  And I love that she's on the cusp of loving grown-up things.  We Tammen ladies love our office supplies! 
And we couldn't resist buying Dean this clock - guess I always need potatoes around, not just for spud guns. He assures me it works with citrus fruit too.
And Anne - well, she couldn't get over the faux silk creation Laurel needed for her Mulan costume.  And for $9, I figured she could get one too!