Monday, January 29, 2018


I had a silent squeal when Laurel told me her magazine file had broken.  You should have seen the speed with which I dispatched myself to Target to find something truly pretty. Well Mom, I had to have it. It was an outrageous price, but she LOVED it.  And I love that she's on the cusp of loving grown-up things.  We Tammen ladies love our office supplies! 
And we couldn't resist buying Dean this clock - guess I always need potatoes around, not just for spud guns. He assures me it works with citrus fruit too.
And Anne - well, she couldn't get over the faux silk creation Laurel needed for her Mulan costume.  And for $9, I figured she could get one too! 


Unknown said...

Is it spud o'clock yet? Great scientific toys.

Unknown said...

Lovely kimono wrap and great magazine file holder. What fine children.