Sunday, May 12, 2019

Turning 7

When we moved into our Orem home, she was 2!!  And now, so big!

She had very definite ideas about a cake - something she had seen in a library book that I couldn't understand.  I finally had her draw it for me, and it seemed to be a sort of Black Forest cake.  Three layers of chocolate, with a hole cut out of the bottom two layers and filled with cream.  Then a coating of chocolate ganache over the top, decorated with cherries.  I think this is going to become an annual tradition as well!  (Notes: We are so close to moving - I totally used store-bought whipped cream and asked my best wedding-cake-making friend to cook the layers for me.  I just didn't have time! Also, ladies, I am crazy about this Lands End dress!)

Baby Animal Festival

Aunt Jill introduced us to this killer activity in north Salt Lake that will become an annual tradition - in no small part because they make homemade apple cider donuts and a killer burger at this event.  The baby animals are cute too.  Jill got all the good pictures of the kids, but in addition to farm-style activities, they have a killer play area. 

Butterfly Biosphere

Oma came for a visit and we took her to Thanksgiving Point's newest addition.  If you struggle with the winter blues, get yourself to this tropical paradise!

Oxford or Bust!

Well, probably bust, but nevertheless, when Luke received word of his acceptance to a DPhil in History of Science (intellectual roots of the early-modern space travel through 1939), he came home to Harry Potter music.  Laurel dressed up as Dumbledore (see the beard?) with a carrot wand and created an acceptance letter!

Mommy/Daughter Date

Laurel helped out with a fundraiser at the ritzy Grand America this spring.  We were coming from the farthest away, and spring in Utah is no joke - sometimes we get a blizzard.  The organizers wanted to make sure that we wouldn't be late, so they put us up at a bed and breakfast in SLC.  Laurel loved her complimentary breakfast; my fritatta was excellent!

Basketball Fans

I loved watching NBA games in high school, and after seeing the size of the courts at the "new" MTC, I enrolled Dean in a city league. He loved it, so I took Dean and a teammate to a UVU game.  There was a major scuffle involving bleeding body parts and one of the opposing team's players was sent to the ER. Dean considered it a highly successful evening!

Moving House

Well, it only took us 4 years to execute Luke's vision for the yard...The kids loved our mountain of playground chips; they spent hours on it.  We ended up creating a bucket brigade to get those chips down in record time.  Good family memories!