Sunday, May 12, 2019

Turning 7

When we moved into our Orem home, she was 2!!  And now, so big!

She had very definite ideas about a cake - something she had seen in a library book that I couldn't understand.  I finally had her draw it for me, and it seemed to be a sort of Black Forest cake.  Three layers of chocolate, with a hole cut out of the bottom two layers and filled with cream.  Then a coating of chocolate ganache over the top, decorated with cherries.  I think this is going to become an annual tradition as well!  (Notes: We are so close to moving - I totally used store-bought whipped cream and asked my best wedding-cake-making friend to cook the layers for me.  I just didn't have time! Also, ladies, I am crazy about this Lands End dress!)


daddy said...

What a wonderful little lady. I would totally eat some of that cake. She is so talented. Always best to draw a picture when you can't understand what the other wants. There was a 3 ft tall pine tree stump with a jagged top on it in the front side yard. Oma said she wanted it cut off - OK, I cut it off-- flush with the ground. No Oma meant to cut just the jagged top off. Sometimes communication is a challenge. I bet that cake was delicious. Love Opa.

daddy said...

Great dress, Amanda