Monday, September 02, 2019

Anne the Baker

She made this loaf of bread with minimal supervision!  We couldn't wait for it to cool to tear into it!

First Day of School

Anne designed this rice cake-whipped cream-berries breakfast for the first day of school.  Odd, but the kids liked it. 

And it is the last year they will all be in the same school, wah!   Unfortunately, the sun was in my eyes so I didn't realize Anne wasn't looking at the camera.  Oh well.

Summer Shenanigans

The kids and I went mini-golfing on kids' day.  Laurel was surprisingly good at it.  Anne is in her pjs because on kids day they don't have to get dressed if they don't want to.  (Note: This is only once a year!) 

Also, Dean was thrilled when we found crayfish at Midway's state park!  And thanks to a discussion he had with the Von Gostomski boys in Ohio, he knew just how to pick one up!

Ohio Joys

The kids love visiting Oma and Opa's house; in fact, we were supposed to be overseas this summer, but when we told the kids about our change in plans, Dean's first response was, "Oh good, we get to go to Ohio then!"  From animal shelter visits to touring sumptuous green spaces to taking mom's baby buggy for a walk to tv dinners in front of "Forged in Fire", to getting their hair teased (Oma, why was your hair so big in high school?") - they were in a state of bliss.

May Closed with a Bang

We are so very grateful our son was wearing his helmet, otherwise we would probably have been planning a funeral - I sobbed when I saw his helmet on the counter in the E.R.  We are grateful we just had to deal with abrasions. The police did cite the driver, and their insurance company paid all medical costs.

Long Legs Does it Again

She was the first girl in the school to finish the annual one-mile run, making this a three year streak.  Dean finished first in his grade as well.  And Anne just enjoyed the journey!

Oh yeah, Easter

Well, family.  I am not as ambitious as my siblings.  7 minute frosting and some pastel m&m's.  I'd blame it on the fact that we were showing the house, but I basically do this every year!

Clear Creek

Our school district own beautiful land in rural Utah, and all 5th graders get to go for several nights.  Laurel loved it - I want to go! 

Teacher Gifts

For Christmas I bought all the kids' teachers and administrators loaves of Great Harvest cinnamon bread.  For the end of school, I bought 9 inch cardboard rounds at Hobby Lobby and, since we were moving, just made a giant batch of cookie dough to help clean out my pantry.  I still do a miserable job of wrapping things in saran wrap...Luke was at work, otherwise I would have made him do it!!  Of course I had to make one just for us - a warm giant cookie is delicious!