Monday, September 02, 2019

Summer Shenanigans

The kids and I went mini-golfing on kids' day.  Laurel was surprisingly good at it.  Anne is in her pjs because on kids day they don't have to get dressed if they don't want to.  (Note: This is only once a year!) 

Also, Dean was thrilled when we found crayfish at Midway's state park!  And thanks to a discussion he had with the Von Gostomski boys in Ohio, he knew just how to pick one up!


daddy said...

Great things to learn from other youngsters. A few weeks ago the littlest boy told me all about salmon, voyage to the sea to grow up and then returning to a river to spawn. His next lesson will be about grinnell/bow fin. Looking forward to hearing what Karl has learned.

daddy said...

If you were in the southern US, you would eat lots of "mud bugs" at church picnics. They are good but you have to hunt for the meat. Kind od like lobsters but not so big.